Xtrons PST99F2F - Ford | Focus 2 | Android 9.0 | Quad Core | 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM

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9 inch IPS Screen Android 9.0 Navigation Multimedia Player with Built-in DSP Custom Fit for Ford

*Android 9.0 Quad Core Operating System with XTRONS UI
*178° Viewing Angle IPS Panel
*Built-in DSP
*2.5D Curved Capacitive Touch Screen
*1024*600 High Resolution 9 inch Large Screen
*Full RCA Output
*Supports OBD2 Function
*Support 3G/4G/wifi
*Tire Pressure Monitoring is Available
*Support Full HD 1080P Video
*Bluetooth 5.0
*Screen Mirroring Function
*Steering Wheel Control
*Dual Zone Function
*DAB+ Tuner Ready
*Driver-Friendly Intuitive User Interface
*XTRONS heat sink and Fakara Original Radio & GPS Socket
*Online maps,free to navigate

9'' Android 9.0 IPS Screen Navigation Multimedia Player Built-in DSP Custom Fit for Ford

Android 9.0 | IPS | Built-in DSP | 2.5D Large Screen | TPMS | OBD | 4G/WiFi | DAB+ | Full RCA Output

Note: This unit does not have a DVD drive.

•Applicable Models & Years
For Ford Focus 2 Exi MT (2004-2011), For Ford Mondeo Exi MT (2007-2011), For Ford Focus MK2 Exi MT (2004-2011)
Face Panel: 267/247*231mm
Although we have made every effort to ensure this unit will be compatible with the listed vehicles, please check the year, dimensions and shape of the center console of your vehicles before purchasing.
This unit can ONLY fit manual air conditioning system, please check your vehicle's air conditioning system to see whether this unit can fit with your car.

•The Screen Revolution is Coming Now
From the days of the tiny 3-inch screen to today’s normal 7-inch screen devices, people are always thinking about playing on bigger and bigger screens. Now you have the option. XTRONS is providing a 9-inch large screen unit; this makes it very easy to see navigation maps, as well as numbers and text on the screen while you drive. Of course this contributes to driving safety as well – less time looking at your screen means more time looking at the road.
Bigger Screen, Better Viewing Experience
XTRONS PST99F2F brings clear and vibrant picture on a 9” fully immersive big screen and upgrades your driving experience with supersized entertainment.
2.5D Curved Capacitive Touch Screen
The 9” screen of XTRONS PST99F2F comes with a beautiful 2.5D curved glass panel and G+G capacitive touch screen. The dual layer glass solution allows the touch GLASS layer to be highly sensitive while the surface tempered GLASS to achieve a new level of scratch, crack and corrosion resistance.
IPS Panel, Clear at Any Angle
Thanks to its IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, PST99F2F makes it possible to enjoy viewing on a Big Screen stereo without eye fatigue or discomfort from any angel. Catch every single crisp, clear and vibrant picture from expansive 178° viewing angle.

•Ultimate Audio Experience for Music Enthusiasts with Built-in DSP
Designed exclusively to enhance your audio experience by multiple levels and saitate the music lover in your, XTRONS PST99F2F is the perfect unit to rekindle your hearing experience.

•Bring the Latest Android 9.0 OS in Your Car
Powered by the latest and upgraded Android 9.0, XTRONS PST99F2F will give you a great user experience. It also keeps you up to date with the latest features.
Quad Core / 2G RAM / 16G ROM
First Boot: 30s
Warm boot: 2s ONLY

•The Professional Design Begins From the Inside Out
Industrial Standard Hardware
Equipped with the standard hardware in automotive industry, the head unit offers excellent stability and reliable performance.
NPX6686 - Radio Chip --Support RDS, Better signal
TDA7388-Amplifier Chip -- 4*45W powerful audio effects
Bluetooth 5.0 Chip--Compatible with latest phones
Professional Back End Design for Efficient Heat Dissipation
Passed High-low Temperature Test -20°C ~ +80°C
Driver-Friendly Intuitive User Interface
A good driver-friendly interface must be extremely intuitive. Like UI on XTRONS PST99F2F, it has large icons for you to easy control the main functions, volume and multimedia to minimize distraction, so you can stay focused on the road.

•Enjoy All the Infotainment Features Freely
Supports 1080P Video
Equipped with the latest video decoder chipset, this head unit supports playing 1080P video and is compatible with most video formats, allowing you and your passengers to watch your favorite movies on the road.
Screen Mirroring
Instead of fighting temptation to use your phone while driving, let Screen Mirroring take the wheel. Simply connect your Android smartphone or iPhone to this head unit, and you'll be able to access your phone's navigation, music, and other apps while driving. This gives you access to a whole host of apps you use every day, in a format designed for use while driving, so you can interact with them more safely.
Note: Not all smartphones are compatible with screen mirroring function.
Sharing Entertainment on Back Seat Monitors
With the RCA output function you can share all features simultaneously with your friends at the back seat. Thanks to the dual zone function, videos(and other file) in USB could be played at backstage and transmitted to the back seat monitors for your kids watching while the head unit is navigation. No more distractions.
Built-in GPS Receiver Module with External GPS Antenna
Support Sygic, iGO, Waze and any other navigation software that is compatible with Android OS. Never worry about getting lost now.
Hands-free Calls and Audio Streaming - Support Bluetooth 5.0
A discrete Bluetooth module has been adopted for the PST99F2F, which ensures the full compatibility with the latest phones with Bluetooth 5.0
Built-in Wi-Fi
You can surf the internet on your head unit simply by using your mobile device as a hotspot.
Built-in Steering Wheel Control
While obtaining useful information from the car, the head unit will also display information on your dashboard's display. With the steering wheel control function, you can switch songs, change channels and adjust volume at your fingertip, keeping your eyes on the road.

•Extended Functions to Satisfy Your Needs
3G / 4G Internet Sharing
You can access the internet by inserting a SIM card into the XTRONS 4GDONG001 or 3GDONG008 and use it as a hotspot to connect the head unit, tablets and laptops in your vehicle.
Note: This unit is also compatible with 3G Internet.
The 4G & 3G dongle are not included (XTRONS 4GDONG001 and 3GDONG008 are compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!
DAB+ Tuner Ready
After connecting a USB radio receiver stick via USB port, you can enjoy better sound quality and stronger signal to many digital audio broadcasting channels.
Note: The DAB+ radio receiver stick is not included (XTRONS USBDAB01, USBDAB02, and USBDAB03 are compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) is Available
After having correctly installed the TPMS to your vehicle's tires, the sensors will automatically monitor tire pressure and temperature, and transmit real-time statistics to the receiver so that you can view real-time data of the tires on the head unit's display.
Note: The tire pressure monitoring receiver system is not included (XTRONS TPMS07 is compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!
OBD2 - A Window for You to Diagnose Your Car Status
With the OBD2 function available on this unit, you are able to retrieve real-time data and trouble codes from your vehicle's computer. The data obtained from your vehicle is presented in an easy-to-read format.
Note: The OBD2 scanner tool is not included (XTRONS OBD01, OBD02 and OBD03 are compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!
Built-in DVR and Camera Input
A DVR will capture events that occur whilst driving, providing safety features such as collision footage.
A front or reversing camera provides a way of safer and more accurate image, ultimately adding to your and others' safety on the road.
Note: The DVR, front view camera and reversing camera are not included (XTRONS DVR019S, DVR022, DVR025S, DVR027S, CAM001F and reversing cameras are compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!

•Adding More Exciting Features to Your Head Unit
1. DAB+
Enjoy the audiophile-level sound in your car
XTRONS USBDAB01, USBDAB02 and USBDAB03 are compatible.
2. OBD2
A window for you to diagnose your car status
XTRONS OBD01, OBD02 and OBD03 are compatible.
3. MIC
Makes the hands free Bluetooth easier and safer
XTRONS MIC001 & MIC002 & MIC003 are compatible.
Helps you record your journey on the road
XTRONS DVR019S,DVR022, DVR023S, DVR025S,DVR027S are compatible.
5.3G & 4G
Browse on the Internet with 3G/4G Dongle
XTRONS 4GDONG001 and 3GDONG008 are compatible.
Ensure the safety of your driving
XTRONS Reversing Camera CAM005,CAM006,CAM007,CAM009 are compatible.
Make the input of informaion on this car stereo easily.
XTRONS AMK003 is compatible.
8. Front Camera
Ensure the safety of your driving
XTRONS CAM001F is compatible.
Monitor your tire pressure and temperature
XTRONS TPMS07 is compatible.

Head Unit: 178*156*98mm
Face Panel: 267*247*231mm

1 x ISO Wiring Harness
1 x RCA Cable
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x Camera Cable
2 x USB Cable
1 x Original USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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